Waseda UniversityLeading Graduate Program in Science and Engineering

To Enable Students to Act as Global Leaders in the Future

My professional goals are
constantly evolving

In QE, we received tough questioning from examiner from industrial sectors and faculty members from other fields. This gave me a lot of hints for further development of research and gave me a keen understanding of the importance of broad competency. I also did an internship at Bridgestone America for three months and learned that global leaders need to have a sound knowledge, communicate proactively and familiarize themselves with the local culture to earn the trust of the people they work with. I will apply my impressions and the things I learned to my professional goals and day-to-day research.

With experience and knowledge,
shining as a female researcher

I am working hard every day to take many interesting classes, especially those of STO course, in this program and to advance my research. I am nominated as one of team leaders in my lab. At my first international conference, the scientific and technical English I learned in this program enabled me to give a presentation and actively exchange opinions, which gave me a lot of confidence. To become the pioneer of women researchers, I am gaining wide knowledge as scientist, besides enjoying my lab life.

Becoming a dependable leader
with a broad view

My team won at the Waseda-Peking Joint Workshop, where teams compete to come up with the best future vision in green innovation. We then represented Waseda and Peking at an international Green Tech competition, where we placed fourth. Thanks to the leadership of the more senior students, we were able to come together and achieve these results in spite of differences in country and specialty. This program has also provided me with special knowledge of fields outside my own specialty. I am gaining a variety of experience in this program and working to achieve the vision I have for myself as a leader.