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About Examination

Which Department’s entrance exam should I take?

Please take the exam for Department of Advanced Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering. Department of Advanced Science and Engineering is a five- year program that established in April 2014, and every student in this program belongs to.

Please tell me more about the subjects of written examinations.

Please refer to EXAMINATION for details.

Is it possible to choose same subject (e.g. Physics I and Physics II) from Group A and B?


Do you open the past examination questions?

Yes. Please refer to this page.

Please tell me more about the difficulty of specialization subjects in written examinations.

Please refer to the past examination questions.

Please tell me more about the subjects of Oral Examination.

5 minutes for presentation about reason for application and current research and 5 minutes for QA

About Tuition, Scholarship

How much is the tuition?

Please refer tothis page for details. The reduced tuition of the Ph.D. program applies in the first two years of the five-year program as well, so the financial burden will be smaller than usual.

Can I have any support for Coursework Expenses?

The expenses required for Coursework will be covered by using resource inside and outside the university.

How much can I receive the financial support?

Up to ¥200,000 per month will be provided (until FY2018) as Financial Support. Waseda University also has a variety of unique scholarships.

What is the difference between Financial Support and Scholarship?

Financial Support is support expenses of the payment type not to depend on a family budget standard for an excellent student to devote himself/herself to the education study in the doctoral course. It is taxable as miscellaneous incomes, so it is necessary to do tax returns every year.

Can I receive Financial Support and extramural Scholarship at the same time?

Students cannot receive Financial Support and Scholarship of Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) at the same time. This program recommends applying for Research Fellowship of Japan Society for the promotion of Science (JSPS) even though cannot receive Financial Support with it. If student selected as Research Fellowship, student cannot receive Financial Support, but can join to this program (e.g. overseas dispatching)

Can I receive Financial Support and Scholarship of Waseda University at the same time?

Students can receive Financial Support at the same time with a grant which only supports tuition fees. Please refer to the program office about overlap receipt of other scholarship and Financial Support.

Can I work at a part-time job?

Students receiving Financial Support can’t work at a part-time job in principle. However, students can work until 5 hours in a week when TA or RA experience is necessary to this program.

About Tuition, Scholarship

Can I decide the overseas research institutions and companies that I participate in?

The overseas research institutions and companies that student participates in is decided by giving top priority to student's desire and supervisor's intention and using network of cooperation organization.

Which organizations cooperate to this program?

There are laboratories in Stanford University (US) and Monash University (Australia) as a cooperation university. Other than these universities, there are some universities which have agreements with Waseda University and overseas universities and institutions which have collaborative research. Education of the world standard is provided by obtaining cooperation with University of Michigan and The University of Edinburgh. Furthermore, students can choose their long-term internship place among the overseas research institutes of the Japanese company, research organizations such as BASF (Germany) or CNRS (France), companies such as Siemens (Germany) or Renault (France).


Do I need to be 1st author of research paper for QE?

Even joint author is all right.

What happens if I failed QE?

Students can take QE again. The examination result is fed back in detail, so please take QE again by overcoming your weakness and making counter measures.

Is it possible to skip grade?

If student satisfy the conditions which Department prescribes for early completion, the completion with under five years is possible.

Is it duty to find a job in the company?

It is not duty, but we hope students to play an active part as the talented person who can challenge creation of the innovation all over the world thorough this program. It will be nice to aim at faculty member in order to make use of the knowledge that they acquired through this program to raise the next generation.