Waseda UniversityLeading Graduate Program in Science and Engineering

Strong Support for Excellent Students

Tuition, Scholarships and Financial Support

The reduced tuition of the Ph.D. program applies in the first two years of the five-year program as well. Waseda University has a variety of unique scholarships. Financial support of up to ¥200,000 per month is also provided to allow students to concentrate on their studies and research. (Until 2018. Students receiving financial support are ineligible for other financial support such as a JASSO scholarship. In addition, there are campus restrictions on working hours as a TA, RA or part-time job.)

Students list of receiving Financial Support.

Support for Coursework Expenses

Travel expenses required for this program are also covered, and outstanding students can receive research funding for their own research.

Support for Interaction with Other Fields

A dedicated student lounge is available for students in the Leading Program to meet each other and exchange their ideas.

Research Support System

We have installed large analysis equipments and measurement devices such as electron microscopes and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers. Our specialist staff also provide educational programs such as technical supports, training on how to use the equipments and introductory seminars.